Mundus Volubilis

the flowing universe

The Whirling Bee’s Blog: A Journey in Altered States of Consciousness

The Whirling Bee is a flow of journeys within, beyond and in-between. Reality has no walls, no edges, it’s like the air: we breathe it in and we breathe it out.

The Bicycle – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was in my childhood home, the house seemed to breathe in the half-light. It was empty. I went to the window, and looked at the curtain. I used to ...
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The Folktale – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was in the forest, again. I heard birds, and as I looked up, I saw a group of cranes flying by. They turned and started in the opposite direction, ...
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Cottonwood – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was in an old forest, it was late afternoon or evening, and a group of children were running around, laughing, chasing each other. Then it started to snow… I ...
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The Canoe – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I found myself in a narrow boat, like a canoe. There was somebody sitting at my head, rowing. I was lying on my back, staring at the sky above me ...
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The Field, Again – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was on a wheat field, lying on the ground. It was sunset or dusk, and there were some people moving around, as if covered in colourful vapour. One of ...
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The Field – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was in the forest. I recognized it from a series of dreams I had some ten years ago. They were powerful and scary dreams, but I only remember the ...
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Breathing – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I noticed some dark figures emerging out of the fog of a sphere, I was not sure whether they were trees or people or something in-between, but I got tense, ...
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The Sphere – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I sat down by the curb (it was a street at night, without any public lights) and waited. The Sun came to see me. His head was a glowing orb, ...
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