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“The purpose of astrology really should be to give you an understanding of your place in the universe and the kinds of energies that are flowing through you and through the physical universe.”

Robert Hand

The Natal Chart from an Animistic Perspective II
(Part 2) The Risks of Psychological Interpretation When reading a birth chart, we must be careful not to use psychological interpretation with too much certainty and too narrow a scope ...
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The Natal Chart from an Animistic Perspective I
(Part 1) When we start studying astrology, we usually begin with identifying and defining elements of the horoscope. And there comes a phase when we need to switch from creating ...
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sun-jupiter mundus volubilis
Thoughts on Planets Aspecting Each Other
Planets are to astrology as metals are to alchemy. Both traditions work with deep and diverse imagery. Each symbol on its own has been the subject of several books and ...
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capricorn mundus volubilis
The Mystery of Capricorn
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its period corresponds to the Winter Solstice, rich in symbolism of the interplay (and often struggle) between light and darkness. It is ...
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