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Animism and Divination

animism mundus volubilis

“Animism” has been defined in many ways. Here, on the pages of Mundus Volubilis, it is simply used to express the idea that life is something we participate in, not something we have.

The Three of Cups
The duplex nature of the Two of Cups develops here into a triplicity. We see women celebrate in a prosperous garden. I will not go into detail on the symbolism of the number three, but the first figures that come to mind are the three graces of Greek mythology ...
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Preparing for the Winter Solstice – Sowing the Seeds of New Life on 13th December
In Ancient Rome, the Brumalia honoured Saturn and Ceres. In East Asia, the Dongzhi Festival marks the time when the feminine life force of Yin is balanced with the masculine force of Yang. During the night of the Korochun of the Slavs, the old Sun dies and the new one is reborn with the next sunrise. This period was also very important to the Celts and the Germanic peoples (Yule) ...
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two of cups mundus volubilis
The Two of Cups
It's interesting to have a look at how the symbols of the Ace develop in the Two of Cups. The single chalice multiplies into two goblets. The disembodied hand from the clouds changes into those of a man and a woman. The dove turns into a winged lion. The waffle with the cross becomes the caduceus. The lake with the lotuses is now a meadow with a family home in the distance ...
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The Woman who Eats the Sun
In ancient Egypt, the goddess Nut was the mother of gods. She was the night sky; and the Milky Way in particular ...
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capricorn mundus volubilis
The Mystery of Capricorn
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its period corresponds to the Winter Solstice, rich in symbolism of the interplay (and often struggle) between light and darkness. It is also strongly connected to all kinds of fertility rites ...
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ace of cups mundus volubilis
The Ace of Cups
The cups suit takes us to the realm of emotions, intuition and dreams. The Aces are about new beginnings and what the coming cycle springs from ...
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