The Mystery of Capricorn
The Mystery of Capricorn

The Mystery of Capricorn

capricorn mundus volubilis

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its period corresponds to the Winter Solstice, rich in symbolism of the interplay (and often struggle) between light and darkness. It is also strongly connected to all kinds of fertility rites.

Its pagan connotations and its tie to the earth and the underworld are among the reasons why Christianity linked this sign to the Devil.

capricorn mundus volubilisThe Abrahamic religions separate “spirit” from “matter”, and this split is essential to their worldview. The god of monotheism is the god of spirit: it is in his best interest to separate his realm from that of matter, where he cannot be the one and only. The physical world is never homogenous, it cannot be. Nature is diverse, plural and forever changing. It cannot be ruled by one single force.


So, in order to be all-powerful, the god of monotheism had to create a sphere of “pure spirit”, devoid of matter. But how to believe in such a heaven when it does not compare to anything we experience in life? That was quite a challenge for his prophets and religious leaders. Check in the history books how they coped throughout the ages.


Capricorn is represented by a hybrid: it is part goat and part fish. The symbol speaks of the ultimate mystery of life. Aren’t we all connected? Aren’t we all “mixed”? Aren’t we both soul and body – both complete in ourselves and part of a greater whole? How is that possible? Capricorn is the key.

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