The Whirling Bee is a flow of journeys within, beyond and in-between. Reality has no walls, no edges, it’s like the air: we breathe it in and we breathe it out.

whirling bee mundus volubilis
Cottonwood – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I realized that what surrounded us was not snow but seeds from a cottonwood tree. There was hardly any wind, we were enveloped in small, luminous feathers, playing in the colours of the setting sun. The world was in slow motion, as if we were all floating. I looked around, observing all the details, the lights, the colours, and I noticed that there was a river close by, and a boat on the bank. There was an old couple sitting by the boat.
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The Canoe – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was lying on my back, staring at the sky above me. I saw some spots of light shooting by, they looked like fireflies, except the bee who was flying very close to me. Then I realized they were not fireflies but stars, and that even though it felt like we were hardly moving at all, we were in fact gliding so fast the stars seemed to leave a trail on our breaths...
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The Field, Again – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was on a wheat field, lying on the ground. It was sunset or dusk, and there were some people moving around, as if covered in colourful vapour. One of them, an old woman, came to me and sat behind me, by my head. I could not move. I was waiting for the bee to come, but she wouldn't, and I was disappointed. The old woman put her hands on my head. "you are too willful" - she said gently, "let it go".
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The Field – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I was in the forest. I recognized it from a series of dreams I had some ten years ago. They were powerful and scary dreams, but I only remember the last one in detail: I was facing an army of the dead, and in the end, I buried them all with water, fire, soil and Sun.
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Breathing – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I noticed some dark figures emerging out of the fog of a sphere, I was not sure whether they were trees or people or something in-between, but I got tense, and I could feel pain in my belly. “Don’t be afraid” said the golden bee who accompanied me (she had a female voice), and I...
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The Sphere – The Whirling Bee’s Blog
I sat down by the curb (it was a street at night, without any public lights) and waited. The Sun came to see me. His head was a glowing orb, and his face had the expression of a child ready to do mischief. His hands were huge, as if they belonged to a big plush...
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