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Animism & Mysticism Resources

Animism & Mysticism Resources

Tarot Teachings

A deep and no-nonsense look at the symbolism of the major and minor arcana of the tarot.

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The Alchemy Website

Nearly a gigabyte of information on alchemy in all its facets. Organised by Adam McLean.

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The Internet Sacred Text Archive Animism and Shamanism Collection

This section has texts about Shamanism and Animism. There are also numerous descriptions of Shamanism and related topics in the Native American, the Traditional Asian, Australian, Pacific, and African sections.

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Depth Psychology Alliance

A hub for “all things Depth Psychology,” with over 4700 members.

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The Religious Studies Project

The Religious Studies Project (RSP) is an international collaborative enterprise producing weekly podcasts with leading scholars on the social-scientific study of religion.

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The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Articles from the journal of Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies (core shamanism).

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