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Astrological reading list

Astrological reading list

stephen arroyo - astrology, psychology and the four elements

Astrology, Psychology, and the Four Elements: An Energy Approach to Astrology and Its Use in the Counseling Arts

by Stephen Arroyo

A recognized classic in modern astrology.

stephen arroyo - chart interpretation handbook

Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart

by Stephen Arroyo

How to develop reliable, in-depth interpretations for any birth chart.

firmicus maternus - matheseos libri viii

Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice: Matheseos Libri VIII

by Julius Firmicus Maternus

One of the finest ancient astrological texts, also, one of the best-translated.

lize greene & howard sasportas - the development of the personality

The Development of Personality: Seminars in Psychological Astrology Volume 1

by Liz Greene

The first volume in the Seminars in Psychological Astrology series – for those who want to combine astrology and Jungian psychology. As always with Liz Greene, be aware that she tends to focus on pathology – placements do not always manifest in such dramatic and tragic ways.

liz greene & howard sasportas - dynamics of the unconscious

Dynamics of the Unconscious: Seminars in Psychological Astrology Volume 2

by Liz Greene

The second volume in the Seminars in Psychological Astrology series – for those who want to combine astrology and Jungian psychology. Same advice on reading Liz Greene as with the first volume.

james herschel holden - a history of horoscopic astrology

A History of Horoscopic Astrology

by James Herschel Holden

A history of the development of Western horoscopic astrology from its origin among the Babylonians and its subsequent creation in its present form by the Alexandrians down to modern times.

marc edmund jones - essentials of astrological analysis

Essentials of Astrological Analysis

by Marc Edmund Jones

Not an easy read, but it is worth it. A complete demonstration of the sixteen-point analysis of the horoscope in detail.

marc edmund jones - the sabian symbols in astrology

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology: Illustrated by 1000 Horoscopes of Well Known People

by Marc Edmund Jones

The reference book on the Sabian Symbols in astrology. Includes symbolical imagery for each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, with interpretation.

michael meyer - a handbook for the humanistic astrologer

A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer

by Michael Meyer

One of the most influential and widely read books on serious astrology published in the 20th century.

michael munkasey - midpoints: unleashing the power of the planets

Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets

by Michael Munkasey

Midpoints express the astrological role of the points in subtle, yet powerful, ways.

eileen nauman - medical astrology

Medical Astrology

by Eileen Nauman

Medical astrology explored through signs, planets and aspects.

Howard sasportas - the twelve houses

The Twelve Houses

by Howard Sasportas

Explores in detail the experiences and situations associated with each of the houses.

erin sullivan - the astrology of family dynamics

The Astrology of Family Dynamics

by Erin Sullivan

Shows how astrology demonstrates the complexities of the family as an organic whole, the family’s place in the collective, and the role an individual plays in carrying on the ancestral line.

bil tierney - all around the zodiac

All Around the Zodiac: Exploring Astrology's Twelve Signs

by Bil Tierney

A revealing new look at the astrological signs.

bil tierney - dynamics of aspect analysis

Dynamics of Aspect Analysis

by Bil Tierney

Astrological aspects in depth, not at all cookbook style.

sue tompkins aspects in astrology

Aspects in Astrology: A Comprehensive Guide to Interpretation

by Sue Tompkins

Explains the significance and practical use of astrological aspects.

Planets in Transit by Robert Hand

Planets in Transit

by Robert Hand

Complete delineations of all the major transits – conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition – that occur between transiting Sun, Moon and all planets to each planet in the natal chart and the Ascendant and Midheaven.

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