Mundus Volubilis

animism, divination and philosophy


Musings and reflections on the symbolism of tarot cards (Rider-Waite deck).

The Ace of Cups
When the Ace of cups appears in a reading, think of the womb, an embryo growing, or seeds waiting for spring in the dark soil. Something has started, it is alive within you, you have to let it grow and manifest when it is ready to. … Continue readingThe Ace of Cups Read more.
The Two of Cups
It’s interesting to have a look at how the symbols of the Ace develop in the Two of Cups. The single chalice multiplies into two goblets. The disembodied hand from the clouds changes into those of a man and a woman. The dove turns into a winged lion. The waffleContinue readingThe Two of Cups Read more.
The Three of Cups
As opposed to the Hierophant, the Three of Cups welcomes all to their holy communion without conditions: there is no dogma to accept, and no rituals to follow. … Continue readingThe Three of Cups Read more.
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