“Animism” has been defined in many ways. Here, on the pages of Mundus Volubilis, it is simply used to express the idea that life is something we participate in, not something we have.

animism mundus volubilis
The Mystery of Capricorn
Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac. Its period corresponds to the Winter Solstice, rich in symbolism of the interplay (and often struggle) between light and darkness. It is also strongly connected to all kinds of fertility rites. Its pagan connotations and its tie to the earth and the underworld are among the reasons why Christianity linked this sign to the Devil.
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Preparing for the Winter Solstice – Sowing the Seeds of New Life on 13th December
The seeds do not only carry within them the full-grown plant itself but they also symbolise the continuity of life: they will grow into wheat and the wheat will transform into a human body. The period preceding the Winter Solstice is a time to honour the pregnant Mother Earth: all living things enter her womb to grow and wait in darkness to be born again.
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Tarot: The Ace of Cups
When the Ace of cups appears in a reading, think of the womb, an embryo growing, or seeds waiting for spring in the dark soil. Something has started, it is alive within you, you have to let it grow and manifest when it is ready to.
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Thoughts on Planets Aspecting Each Other
Planets are to astrology as metals are to alchemy. Both traditions work with deep and diverse imagery. Each symbol on its own has been the subject of several books and extended research. And yet, when it comes to discussing astrology, we often stick to a vocabulary that is surprisingly static – considering that we are...
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The Woman who Eats the Sun
In ancient Egypt, the goddess Nut was the mother of gods. She was the night sky; and the Milky Way in particular. Alternatively, her body can be interpreted as the path of the stars, and she might even have been one specific constellation. Naked, in her full feminine beauty, she was bending over the Earth...
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