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In the Forest (August 2017)

A walk in the forest on the last day of August...

Tarot: The Ace of Cups

When the Ace of cups appears in a reading, think of the womb, an embryo growing, or seeds waiting for spring in the dark soil. Something has started, it is alive within you, you have to let it grow and manifest when it is ready to.

Thoughts on Planets Aspecting Each Other

Planets are to astrology as metals are to alchemy. Both traditions work with deep and diverse imagery. Each symbol on its own has been the subject of several books and extended research. And yet, when it comes to discussing astrology, we often ...

The Woman who Eats the Sun

In ancient Egypt, the goddess Nut was the mother of gods. She was the night sky; and the Milky Way in particular.[1] Alternatively, her body can be interpreted as the path of the stars, and she might even have been one specific constellation.[2] ...

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